Chemical Products & Compounds: Turkey Red Oil (Sulfated Castor Oil). Mainly used as a defoaming agent in textiles and sugar industry. Vapi (Gujarat), India.
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Turkey Red Oil
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What is Turkey Red Oil?

Turkey Red Oil is also known as Sulfated Castor Oil. It is the only oil that will completely disperse in water. The oil is expressed from the seed. Sulfated castor oil is created by adding sulfuric acid to castor oil, and is considered the first synthetic detergent. Turkey Red Oil has a distinct and heavy scent. It is a surfactant and therefore makes a wonderful base for a bath oil as it mixes well with water, producing a milk bath.

Uses : Used in Textile industries, Sugar industry, as a defoaming agent, as an Emulsifier. In cosmetics it is used as humectants and as an Emulsifier for Oil Bath.

CAS No. : 8002-33-3

E.C. no : 232-306-7

Strength : 50% & 70%

Appearance Amber coloured Viscous liquid.
Melting point < 0°C
Boiling Point > 150°C
Solubility Miscible in Water, gives a clear solution.
Specific Gravity 1.015@20°C for 50% and 1.03@20°C for 70%
Sulphonation degree Minimum 4.0
200Kg H.D.P.E. Drums.

(Specifications subject to change. Application method and other information are given without obligation.)

Various Applications of Turkey Red Oil:

Turkey Red oil is used in agriculture as organic manure, in textiles as surfactants and wetting agents, in paper industry for defoaming, in cosmetics as emulsifiers, in pharmaceuticals as undecylenate, in paints inks and as lubricants.

For e.g. it is used to emulsify essential oils so that they will dissolve in other water-based products, or for superfatting liquid soap if you want the soap to remain transparent. This means that the oil will combine with the water in the tub, and not leave those little oil bubbles floating on the top of the water. It is of medium viscosity and is usually used in bath oil recipes along with fragrance or essential oils, or in shampoos. This oil also has great moisturizing abilities.

Various Grades of Turkey Red Oil:

Various grades of TRO are available for different applications. Our TRO is made as per International Process and Standards.

1. TRO – Phenyl Grade.
Used in manufacture of Black Phenyl and White Phenyl. Phenyl manufacturers generally face problems of layer separation while manufacturing white phenyl. Using our Phenyl Grade TRO this problem is eliminated. Also quantity of TRO to Pine Oil decreases from 1:3 to 0.8:3 resulting in substantial savings.
2. TRO – Textile Grade.
Used in the process of Dyeing. Textile dyers generally face problems of oil floating on water during dyeing process, this results in the cloth getting contaminated with oil. Using our Textile Grade TRO this is totally eliminated.
3. TRO – Leather Grade.
Used in production of Leather Boards.
4. TRO – Metal Cutting Grade
Used in manufacture of Metal Cutting Oil.
5. TRO – Distillery Grade
This grade is used in Sugar Industry and Distillery as a De-foaming agent.


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