Chemical Products & Compounds: SUPER FLOWERTM is flowering stimulant formulation containing Nitrobenzene 20% v/v. Enhances the colour, appearance, size etc of a flower. India.
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What is Stimulant?

Increasing the flowering of plants is of considerable importance in the field of Horticultural and Agricultural, since increased flowering means increased flower crop in Horticulture and increased flowering would result in increased fruiting, which again means a better crop in agriculture.

There is no known prior art for increasing flowering in plants particularly. Hitherto the prior art was limited to using chemical and organic fertilizers in agriculture and horticulture which would result in overall increasing of the plant flowering quality and ultimately, yield. But there is a limitation to the use of the fertilizers and compost because of the law of diminishing returns. Fertilizers will increase vegetative growth also along with flowering and fruiting. Therefore flowering and fruiting do not take place to their peak levels.

Nitrobenzene tamed in a suitable formulation, used as spray or in granular form, which increases flower forming substances by altering auxin, cytokinin, gibbrellic acid and Ethylene ratio favourably tilting to a higher level of flower forming substances, thereby increasing flowers by more than 40 to 45% and yield thereby.


SUPER FLOWERTM is flowering stimulant formulation containing Nitrobenzene 20% v/v. It enhances the colour, appearance, size etc of a flower. By enhancing plant cover it induces profound flowering thus increasing the quality and yield. Increased flowering results in increased fruiting resulting in a better crop.

SUPER FLOWERTM is made in accordance to International Standards, and strict quality standards are maintained right from Raw Materials to under-process to Final outputs.

Procedure Involved

Mix about 2-3 ml of SUPER FLOWERTM in 1 Litre water and spray on crops.

Useful for crops like Cotton, Wheat, Soya bean, Chillies, Brinjal, Tomatoes, and other vegetables. Also useful for Fruits, Oil seeds and Flowering crops.

Colour White to Off-white emulsion.
Odour Strong bitter Almond
pH 6.5 to 7.5
Solubility 1 ml in 50 ml water gives uniform white emulsion.
100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1 Litre Bottles. Other packings available on request.

(Specifications subject to change. Application method and other information are given without obligation.)

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