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What is Elemental Sulphur?

Elemental sulphur is one of the oldest fungicides and pesticides. Dusting sulphur, elemental sulphur in powdered form, is a common fungicide for grapes, strawberry, many vegetables and several other crops. It has a good efficacy against a wide range of powdery mildew diseases as well as black spot. In organic production, sulphur is the most important fungicide.

Elemental sulphur, although available in large quantities, cannot be used as nutrient, mainly because it is not soluble in water.

The natural supply of sulphur has dropped as a result of more efficient cleaning of industrial gases from power stations, chemical plants and other industrial sources. This in turn has resulted in global demand of sulphur.

A granule of elemental sulphur therefore takes very long time before it release into the soil. One solution to this problem has been to combine elemental SULPHUR with BENTONITE, a type of clay. When a SULPHUR BENTONITE granule (Sulphur Bentonite ) comes into contact with soil moisture, it break apart into fragments of dust dimensions, thus allowing swift and continuous solubilisation. The use of elemental sulphur in a degradable granule is produced by mixing with approximately 10% Bentonite clay.

Physical Data
Appearance & Odor May have a slight sulphur odor. Pastille (half bun) shape.
Boiling point 444°C
Density Solid, 1.25 – 1.29
Vapor Density >1
Melting Point 119°C
Solubility in water Insoluble
pH Neutral when dry
Vapor Pressure (mm Hg at 20°C) Solid: less than 0.0001mm.Hg at 20°C Reactivity Data
Reactivity Data
Stability Stable
Conditions to Avoid The main hazards are fire and dust explosions
Hazardous Polymerization
Conditions to Avoid
Will not occur
Mixtures with chlorates, nitrates or other oxidizing agents may be explosive sulphur will react with alkalies or alkaline earths
Type Green Sulphur Pastilles 10% Formulated Swelling Agents aiding
Properties 119°C
Flash Point 168°C
Auto Ignition Temp 220°C
Mixtures with chlorates, nitrates or other oxidizing agents may be explosive sulphur will react with alkalies or alkaline earths
Sulphur 90% +1.5%
Formulated Agents 10% +1.5%
Moisture 0.5% MAX
Pastille Standard 4mm O.X 2mm high

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