Chemical Products & Compounds: Maleic Acid, which is available as crystals or aqueos solution in water. Mainly used as maleate salts. Vapi (Gujarat), India.
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What is Maleic Acid?

Maleic Acid is also known as cis-butenedioic acid, toxilic acid, cis-1,2-Ethylenedicarboxylic acid. It is commercially available as the crystalline material or as an aqueous solution in water (40%). It may contain fumaric acid (0.1%) and water (less than 0.5%) as impurities.

Uses : It is mainly used for making Maleate Salts of Bulk-Drugs like Pheneramine Maleate, Chloropheneramine Maleate and others. It is also used to prevent rancidity in oils.

Molecular Formula : HOCOCH:CHOOH

Molecular Weight : 116.1

CAS No. : 110-16-7

EC No. : 607-095-00-3

RTECS : OM9625000

ICSC : 1186

UN : 1759

Appearance White crystals or powder with a faint acid odour.
Melting point 138°C
Density (g cm-3) 1.59
Solubility Appreciable in Water.
Stability Stable. Combustible. Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents, bases.
Toxicology Harmful if swallowed. Corrosive - causes irritation.
50Kg. HDPE Bags.

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Various Applications of Maleic Acid:

Maleic acid is not very important economically, since the anhydride is easier to use. It is employed in the manufacture of phthalic-type alkyd and polyester resins, surface coatings, copolymers, plasticizers, lubricant additives and agricultural chemicals; in adhesives and sealants; as a preservative for oils and fats; organic synthesis; dyeing and finishing wool, cotton and silk; and preparing the maleate salts of antihistamines and similar drugs.

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