Contract manufacturing,Toll manufacturing and Job-Work of biochemical and pharmaceutical compounds. Vapi (Gujarat), India.
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Contract Toll Manufacturing of DrugsContact Us at Vapi and Mumbai in India

Turkey Red Oil
Maleic Acid
Triiodobenzoic acid
Copper Sulphate
Adjuvant: PURE SPRAY
Super Flower Stimulant
Elemental Sulphur 2-Nitro-4-ThioCyanatoAniline

The company has the facility for Contract / Toll manufacturing and Job-Work.

1) Staff and Other Company Resources

The Company has qualified staffs for Production & Quality control. There are about 10 workers, 3 Chemists, 3 Operators and 1 Plant Incharge. The company runs for 24 hours a day.


The Company is spread over an area of 1939 m2.


1. 1 nos. 2000 Ltr G.L. Reactor
2. 2 nos. 800 lts G.L. Reactors
3. 500 Ltr S.S. Reactor
4. 750 Ltr S.S. Reactor
5. 48" M.S.R.L. Centrifuge
6. 96 Trays Tray Drier
7. 500 Ltr S.S. Crystallizer
8. 12" Dia S.S. Pressure Filter
9. Distillation Assembly -12 Mt. Height S.S. Column, with Primary & Secondary Condensers, S.S. Receiver, with Support Structure etc.,
10. Thermic Fluid Heater (Wood Fired) - 4.0 Lac KCal
11. 20.0T.R. Chilling Plant
12. 4000 Ltr. Vaccum Nutch
13. 3 H.P. Vaccum Pump
14. 5 H.P. Air Compressor
15. 100 T.R. Cooling Tower


The company has got ½" water line (Filtered) connection.


The company has 110 H.P. sanctioned load from Gujarat Electricity Board. A stand by Generator of 63 KVA has been provided for back-up purpose.

Effluent Treatment Plant

The company has a Primary and Secondary Effluent Treatment Plant as per the requirements of Gujarat Pollution Control Board.

- Air

1) Water & Caustic Scrubber for Chlorine and HCl Gas Absorption.

- Water

1) 6 KL Collection Tank
2) 5 KL Ammonical Nitrogen Tank
3) 5 KL Neutralization cum Settling Tank
4) 18 KL Aeration Lime Dosing Tank with surface aerator
5) Secondary Clarifier
6) Holding Tank
7) Carbon Bed

- Hazardous Waste

1) Sludge Drying Bed
2) Sludge Collection Tank

2) Licenses and Permissions

The company looks to follow the industrial standards required in pharmaceutical industries and as such has got the following Licenses and Permissions -

  1. Entrepreneur Memorandum Number for Small Enterprise (Formerly Permanent SSI Registeration No.)II
    Commissionerate (D.I.C.), Gujarat.
  2. License from industrial health and safety department (Formerly Factory Act).
  3. Consent for Air, Water & Hazardous waste from G.P.C.B.
  4. Poison License from Collector, Valsad for storage and use of Methanol.
  5. MA I License from Prohibition & Excise Guj. Govt. for storage and use of Methanol.
  6. MA II License from Prohibition & Excise Guj. Govt. for selling of Methanol.
  7. Explosives License from Dept of Explosive for storage of Methanol.
  8. Permission from Employees' State Insurance Corporation.
  9. V.A.T. & C.S.T. for Manufacturing & Trading.

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