Rishabh Intermediates specializes in Contract, Toll manufacturing of biochemical and pharmaceutical compounds. Operating from Vapi (Gujarat), Mumbai (Maharashtra).
Rishabh Intermediates

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Contract Toll Manufacturing of DrugsContact Us at Vapi and Mumbai in India

Turkey Red Oil
Maleic Acid
Triiodobenzoic acid
Copper Sulphate
Adjuvant: PURE SPRAY
Super Flower Stimulant
Elemental Sulphur 2-Nitro-4-ThioCyanatoAniline

About the Company

Rishabh Intermediates (Formerly Porwal Chemicals - founded during the year 1990), is an independent technology-based company specializing in the production of innovative biochemical and pharmaceutical compounds. The Company is an SSI unit located in the western state of Gujarat in India. The Company manufactures Bulk Drugs and Intermediates and specialise in reactions like Chlorination, Sulphonation, Nitration and others. The Company is equipped with facilities and laboratories for testing unprocessed, under-process and final outputs.

The Company also has the facility for Contract / Toll manufacturing and Job-Work.

The Company is located in Vapi, District - Valsad, Gujarat (India). Due to its close proximity to Mumbai, Raw Material is easily available & also dispatching of Finished Goods is cheaper due to lower cost of transportation.

Quality Assurance Policy

The Company follows Quality Standards in manufacturing. The business aim is to follow a safety system, and adhere to the responsible care programme and most of all provide customer satisfaction. For this purpose, the Company has acquired required Licenses and Permissions from various Government Agencies to set the pharmaceutical and industrial standards in the Company's activities. The Company also has a Quality Management System and are certified ISO 9001:2000 by Integrated Quality Certification Pvt. Ltd. and accredited by NABCB for Manufacture & Supply of Bulk Drug Intermediates, Chemicals and auxiliaries.

The company also commits to revise policy with respect to change in business environment and goals...

The Company also commits to revise our policy with respect to change in business environment and our goals...

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